About Inemer, Cohen & Wolf LLP

Inemer, Cohen & Wolf LLP provides comprehensive accounting and tax services for businesses in the New York City area. our well-respected firm has a reputation for expertise and integrity.

Inemer, Cohen & Wolf LLP understands that businesses need a competent and reliable financial advocate. Yes, we can do your tax preparation and process accurate financial statements. But our real strength lies in our resolve to stand with you as you grow your business and to be a trusted partner as you make the difficult decisions necessary for your success.

Joe Wolf, CPA

Joseph Wolf, CPA

Joe Wolf graduated from Baruch College with a BBA in degree in accounting. He spent 6 years as controller and principal of 2 local wholesale-manufacturing companies and 5 years working in small and mid-sized public accounting firms. He was a partner in the firm of Gilbert, Cohen & Wolf, LLP until he became a sole practitioner, and in 2004, after a 4 year association, he joined with Ira to form Inemer & Wolf, LLP. Joe's broad public accounting experience combined with his background in business as controller and principal are extremely valuable in addressing clients' needs and providing solutions to the challenges they face.

David Cohen, CPA

David Cohen, CPA

Hailing from Brooklyn, David Cohen began his accounting career in a medium-sized CPA firm in New York City, after which he moved to Delloite and Touche’s Financial Services Center where he was a tax supervisor in their international banking and brokerage accounts center. After several years, David opened his own practice in Park Slope, Brooklyn, eventually merging with his long-term partner, Joe Wolf at Gilbert, Cohen & Wolf, LLP, a boutique CPA firm with concentrations in the real estate and hospitality industries and international taxation. An avid homebrewer since the late 80’s, David went on to found the Dancing Camel Brewery in Tel Aviv, Israel’s first microbrewery.

Ira Inemer, CPA

Ira Inemer graduated from Brooklyn College with a BS degree in accounting. He was a tax partner at Ash & Parsont, CPA's until he became a sole practitioner. Having worked together for 4 years, Ira and Joe Wolf joined forces in 2004 to form Inemer & Wolf, LLP in 2004. Ira's public accounting experience in dealing with individuals and businesses of all sizes has involved addressing a myriad of accounting, and tax issues. An art lover and collector, his personal approach, attention to detail, and tax expertise have helped many clients and have contributed to the growth of the firm.